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Innovative Pet Therapy's 'IPTouch Animal Massage' is one of the most amazing animal massage & and care programs in the universe! 

IPT non-medical hands-on animal communication techniques are a must for adopted & and displaced animals, rescue sanctuaries, pet sitters, animal trainers, owners, equine groomers, canine & and equine police, guide dogs and ponies, endurance & and performing horses...

IPTouch techniques like Elephant Hug, Animal Vibes, Tail Power, Growler, Snaking, Petters Press & and many more 'touch' ALL species (except Jellyfish).

Camels love and imprint strongly
Always Rescue...Milton
Imprinted rescued baby bird
Razby Zebra IPTouch

IPTouch Animal Massage

Research Primate Monkey Rescue is a MUST!!

IPTouch Animal Massage & Care is for Dolphin, Bird, Snake, Horse, Rabbit, Zebra, Emu, Kangaroo, Camel, ...

Animals we bring home become full fledged family members; our confidants, comrades, exercise and meditation partners. In turn we want a healthy, peaceful life for them just as we want for our children and ourselves.

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