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IPTouch Animal Massage & Care 

​Small Animal AMCP, PetAID & CPR, Equine - Large AMCP,
Canine Yoga Fusion, Exotic IPTouch Handler, Aviary IPTouch Enrichment...

Everything Except Jellyfish

IPTouch is one of the most amazing animal massage & care programs in the universe!

IPTs non medical hands-on animal communication techniques are a must for adopted & displaced animals, rescue sanctuaries, pet sitters, animal trainers, owners, groomers,
canine & equine police, guide dogs & ponies, endurance & performing horse...

IPTouch techniques like Elephant Hug, Animal Vibes, Tail Power, Growler,
Snaking, Petters Press & many more 'touch' ALL species (except Jellyfish).

IPTouch Animal Massage & Care is for Dolphin, Bird, Snake, Horse, Rabbit,
Zebra, Emu, Kangaroo, Camel...
and yes we have been with all of these animal's!

In fact IPTouch was written by ANIMALS and translated by HUMANS.

Animals we bring home become full fledged family members;
our confidants, comrades, exercise and meditation partners.

In turn we want a healthy, peaceful life for them
just as we want for our children and ourselves.

The goal of IPTouch Animal Care is to create the optimal health and
strengthen the human-animal bond for overall happier, healthier animals.

IPTouch Animal Massage can mentor the journey.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

IPTouch Animal Massage & Care is recognized by countless Animal Shelters, Spirit Therapies NARHA Equine Rescue, Jungle Friends Monkey Rescue, Cheval Equine Show, Greyhound Rescue, Adam and Eve Burmese Pythons, Ferret Rescue, Feral Cat Rehabilitation, Parrot Rescue, Wallaby Rescue, Equine Rodeo, Dressage, Jumper and Endurance Specialists, & animal homes around the universe.

Who has taken IPTouch courses....Veterinarians, Biologists, Sanctuary Rescuers, Zoo Handlers & MoorPark College Graduates, Audubon Wildlife Rehabilitators, Groomers & Trainers, Equestrians...& even U.S. Soldiers are now UNLV AMCP certified...

Help Spread the IPT Word! Now our IPTouch training manuals are ready for you and your humans. Order right here from the site!

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